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Rhythm Muse offers the SEL curriculum which is evidence-based and has shown local school success in L.A. Unified and Santa Ana. The activities are taken from group drumming and group counseling. It is a weekly 40-45 min session to reduces behavior related to inattention, stress, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity and sluggish cognitive tempo. The program is intended to model and teach social emotional skills and provides ways to manage emotions, increase self-awareness and empathy toward others thereby improving school climate.

This program is accessible to all levels of ability, all cultures, languages, and peer groups. It is one of the most inclusive, evidence-based methods of improving social emotional skills through group drumming and is designed to blend effectively with your existing SEL curriculum.

Student Curriculum

8 Sessions (45 minute each)
Introduction to Rhythm Circle
Focus, Listening Skills, Positive Behavior
Focus, Listening, Team Building, Positive Risk-Taking
Focus, Listening, Self-Esteem, Awareness of Others
Focus, Listening, Leadership, Sense of Self, Awareness of Others
Focus, Listening, Expressing Feelings, Managing Anger
Focus, Listening, Leadership, Managing Stress
Focus, Listening, Leadership, Empathy, Gratitude
Bonus Session: Review
Focus and Listening, Positive Behavior, Awareness of Others, Expressing Feelings, Leadership, Team Building, Positive Risk Taking
Percussion instruments provided for up to 32 participants per session

Teacher Training

1 Session (3.5 hours)
Helping educators and community arts professionals deliver process-oriented arts experiences in the classroom environment to improve emotional well-being, the social climate, and the learning environment.
Basic Delivery Guidelines
Set up & Facilitator Hand Signals
Language of Observing: I see, I notice, I wonder
Tips on playing drums: Cowbell & Clave technique, Shakers
Guided Practice Activities
Body Percussion, Call and Response, Name Game, Affirmations, Calming breath, Comfort Place, Drum Call, Drum Wave, Needs /Feelings activity, Give/Receive activity, Allowing the Groove, Leadership/Facilitation of Group Gratitude and Reflection, Rumble
Guidelines for Management
Managing Activities, Managing Behavior, Managing Logistics
Create Open-ended Questions, Likert-Scale Questions

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Rhythm Muse Learning teaches:

Core social and emotional skills in their class and school environment
Improved focus and listening
Improvement with cooperation and leadership
Self-awareness and awareness of others
Brain-power and critical thinking
Health and well-being of our students and school environment.
Opportunities to practice expressing empathy and gratitude
Skills for making better decisions in times of stress
Increased skills for stress reduction and decreased barriers to learning

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