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It’s time for me to ground.

Needing to seriously integrate wellness actions, daily, so I can shift my perspective of what is possible. When I drum, which is an act of meditation, I reconnect with my inner knowing. During these volatile times all around the world, I feel quite vulnerable. And even though it’s good to feel vulnerable, there is a sense of being not grounded, at risk somehow, which is not the kind of vulnerability I wish to feel right now. There is newness is the air. There is unrest in the air, poised to exploding at lightning speed. I ask myself, “Jenn, how is this world affecting you physically, emotionally, spiritually?” The external world can pull my focus so easily, and getting back to my concentrated, inner space can be a challenge. So, to lessen the impact of the world around me, I grab my drum or a table top or steering wheel and begin to make a rhythm. It can be as simple as  1, 2, 1, 2,. Whatever comes out, comes out. I trust it to be as it is. Repeat. Join me in getting grounded. Tap your feet, tap your pencil, tap the steering wheel. If you have a drum or a book or a plastic bottle and a chopstick, make your own rhythm. A few minutes is all it takes. Ground. Ground. Ground.

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Creative Expression • Joy • Laughter • Resilience

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