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Grounded in 7 Steps or Less

OMG! When I was a kid, I used to get grounded a lot. Can anybody relate?

Grounding was a form of punishment, a term taken from the aviation industry. A pilot or plane would be “grounded”, not allowed to fly, if they were found to be unsatisfactory in meeting administration standards.

So, from time to time, I did not meet administration standards!

When my behavior and choices were not in alignment with my parents’ standards, they would ground me. For what? Venial sins at best. For weeks at a time, I was not allowed to fly for telling a fib, talking back or mistreating my younger sibling. It sucked to miss out on the fun stuff of life. No Trick or Treat, no TV, no concerts. What was a grounded girl to do?

The purpose of the grounding was to have me stop, look and listen (Yes, just like crossing the street.). We need to stop in order to look and reflect upon our actions and listen to the messages within.

Now as an adult, I seek out these moments when I can stop, look/reflect upon what’s happening, then listen and trust the messages.

Good news! Getting grounded can be fun and it doesn’t have to take weeks. Please accept my gift to you; a FREE pdf, “Get Grounded in 7 Steps (or less)”.  Cheers to getting grounded!

 Get Grounded in 7 Steps (or less)

Click on the image to the left and save the file to your drive.

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Creative Expression • Joy • Laughter • Resilience

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